Finding The Gospel | An Investigation

Finding The Gospel | An Investigation

Finding the Gospel - An investigation

The American Gospel series (Movie 1 & 2) is a trilogy (movie 3 will be released later in 2023) delving into the "popular Gospel" as "exported worldwide from America". It is a critical look at the errors and heresies paraded on TV and broadcast to all corners of the earth. These erroneous ideas are discussed in order to teach and educate an audience that may or may not be aware of these ideas. It is intended to shine a light into gloomy corners of the church at large and is meant to spark discussion and debate. Above all, in my opinion, it seeks to point us all back to the original ideas that Jesus and his Apostles taught in the new testament.


The full movie is available to watch below, but because this documentary (the second in a trilogy) takes on a different format from the first, it is advisable to watch the "BEFORE YOU WATCH" intro. This explains the format and why the director chose to juxtapose two opposing views in this way - some find it difficult to understand. This will help you ease into the rhythm.


If you are treating this as a weekly bible study:

  1. Download the PDF Study Guide (See button below)
  2. Watch the "Before You Watch" Intro
  3. Please watch the "WALKTHROUGH" Videos divided into Chapters BEFORE you watch the accompanying movie chapters. This is the optimal way to get the most out of the content.  

Below is a proposed outline of the bible study for your group



For the purposes of Bible Study, the movie has been divided up into Chapters. I have indicated the start of each chapter on the timeline below:

  • Chapter 1 (Progressive Christianity)  - 00:00 (23 minutes long)
  • Chapter 2 (Attributes of God) - 23:00 (27 minutes long)
  • Chapter 3 (Love Wins) - 50:40 (25 minutes long)
  • Chapter 4 (A Balanced God) - 1:15:26 (22 minutes long)
  • Chapter 5 (Saved from God) - 1:37:02 (17 minutes long)
  • Chapter 6 (Atonement History) - 1:53:49 (11 minutes long)
  • Chapter 7 (Cosmic Child Abuse) - 2:04:22 (15 minutes long)
  • Chapter 8 (Why Have You Forsaken Me?) - 2:18:20 (15 minutes long)
  • Chapter 9 (The Path to Humanism) - 2:33:18 (13 minutes long)
  • Chapter 10 (For The Glory Of God) - 2:45:27 (11 minutes long)